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The Power of Themes

Last week, I talked about the importance of setting a theme word for the year. The theme word is there in the background. My theme word for last year was “declutter”.  This is how the year played out. 

In the lower right-hand corner, you see the image of what my office looked like to me.  The green cloth was my green screen which created a lovely illusion to the public of a very nice environment. While I barely had enough room in my office to walk in and turn around. It was one of my secret shames. See it was a pretty nice background for an illusion.

Nothing much happened in the office in the first half of the year. I was still living in a cramped and overcrowded space. Then one day late in August, I was changing the sheets in my guest room where I had a futon just in case someone was coming to town and wanted to stay.  Honestly, I’ve only had 2 overnight guests stay with me in the last 5 years. It dawned on me that I was squeezing myself into my office space with all this extra stuff while I had this perfectly good room held in reserve for the rare guest. So I donated the futon, moved the piano and closet from my office into my guest room, and brought a contractor to spruce it up.  

Long story short, I now have this amazing space where I can breathe and work happily all day long (but that’s a different issue that I’m not yet ready to solve.  The point is that until I had that moment of revelation that I could be inhabiting all the rooms of my house, I didn’t think I had choices. This is the power of how a limiting belief can be transformed in the blink of an eye. I didn’t even connect until that moment that I had other choices. And then I realized that if I have choices about that, what else do I have choices about? The answer is everything.  

There might be spaces in your life where you don’t see that you have choices and you don’t even realize that you’re stuck.  Sometimes, we think that things just are as they are — do you find yourself saying: “it is what it is?” Well, the reality is that at the moment that might be true. However, “it is what it is” might be true for now. So leave yourself the option that change is possible. And that transformation can happen quickly and unexpectedly. You have the power to change anything you choose to change. So maybe, “it is what it is for now” might be a better way to start saying it.  

Along with the office renovation, I cleared out all my closets and finally donated the prom dress and bridesmaid outfits.  And that was the power of setting the theme word and allowing it to unfold as the year went by.

This year my theme word is intentionality. For 2022, my intention is to be genuine and authentic down to my background. I look forward to how this word will share its magic.  At the end of the week, I’ll share with you how my plan for the year is unfolding for some of my goals.  What we’re learning to do here is tuning into the power of the subconscious mind.

Happy New Year and Happy Planning!