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As a leader, you are constantly facing new challenges especially in times of shifting priorities, technology and process transformations and organizational shifts and restructurings. Becoming an effective leader in challenging times while leading with grace and perspective can is your secret weapon.  Coaching helps you deepen your self-awareness, increase your overall effectiveness and helps you create new pathways for achieving your goals. You lead with impact and influence.


Take Your Leadership Skills to the Next Level

Are you ready for real change that will ignite your leadership potential? We help you navigate the fast-changing world of business. You may be overwhelmed by the challenges you face in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven landscape.  The speed of change and the level of complexity in your day to day is growing exponentially.

Whether you’re a startup founder or an established executive, we partner with you to navigate the complex and rapidly changing world. With right the tools you are able to find the stillness within to be able to balance your mind and intuition. Our approach combines strategies and techniques to help you still the inner noise and return to your center so you can lead your team to success Bill Gates said “Everyone needs a coach.” I wish someone had told me that 20 years ago. Ignite your leadership potential to make your vision a reality. It’s all starts with a conversation, so reach out and see how coaching fits into your success roadmap.

Ways to Work With Us


Our personalized, one-on-one coaching solutions help our clients address specific skill gaps, ignite your leadership potential, and improve effectiveness to create positive change in their roles and companies. Becoming effective requires new approaches and perspectives. You can’t use a “wash-rinse-repeat” approach and expect different results. Topics include Delegation, Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Shifting Work-life priorities, and Leading with Purpose.


Culture Transformation for Teams

People are your most valuable resource.  Members of a cohesive team trust one another, reach a high level of cohesion, and have shared goals and a commitment to each other’s success. Highly cohesive teams deliver results. In order to get to a high performing culture you need:

– Clarity of communication

– Influential leadership and

– Accountability

Leadership Assessments

Thoughtful and discreet assessments are the first steps to unlocking insights and identifying areas for development and ways to maximize performance. These are available as part of the coaching engagement or as a stand-along service. We can help you discover how to recognize opportunities and unhealthy patterns and way to address them – identify what matters to you, define goals, and explore ways to get there.

Bespoke Solutions on Your Terms

Dr. Gina brings her background as an organizational consultant and lecturer, experienced executive leadership in top Fortune 500 organizations and certified executive coach to the table to support you as you create an actionable plan that has:
Clarity of purpose, priorities and executable tasks
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) measuring the success of your plan
Alignment with what matters to you and organization most to deliver the greatest impact

Solutions are tailored in a variety of formats ranging from 1-day leadership retreats for teams to year-long retainer based programs. Ask me how you can create the custom coaching and consulting program that best fits your needs.

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