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Every Good Plan …

So, it is the end of my first week. And not a few days into the year, mother nature dumps a pile of snow and it’s out shoveling I must go.  So I’m a little behind. What do you do? Move on and stay focused. We might catch up later but we’ll measure in a few weeks so don’t distract yourself with worry.

I do want to share this:

One of my goals is to keep learning and growing and developing myself to be a better version of myself today than I was yesterday.

At the goal level this is great. At the planning level it needs to be broken down into more manageable tasks that I can work toward.


Read a novel each week in the area of personal productivity, human development and pure interest.


Allocate 1 hour a day to reading.

This week:

I picked Lord of the Flies – My 13-year-old niece is a huge fan of Rory Gilmore in the Gilmore Girls.  On the show, the Rory character references over 400 books that she has read.  One day my niece proudly presented the list to me and said “I’m going to read 50 books a year and by the time I finish college I want to finish all the books on this list.” I thought, she’s setting a long-term goal and is breaking it down into manageable chunks. So, I said, “count me in”. I’ll read 50 books a year also and some will be from Rory’s list and others from other interests.

Lord of the Flies was an intense book about how sweet innocent boys can be transformed by fear and primal instinct to become like feral animals. There were intense moments.  Fighting for dominance, survival, and governance.  And then upon being rescued, a flood of tears flowed upon the realization of all that had happened on the island and that they would once again be returned to civility.  As I read Lord of the Flies, I reflected upon how context and culture can influence a person’s actions.

Are you reading something you’d like to share?

Well, end of the first week, I completed a number of tasks including shoveling, clearing the car, and salting the sidewalks and I finished reading The Lord of the Flies.  It caused me to think about how grateful I am for my life. If you read something this week that caused you to stop and think about how great life is, send me an email by clicking here.

Do you want to join me and my niece in the 50 books challenge in 2022?

Next week: The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion.