Take These 3 Steps to Overcome Overwhelm

  Have you had the feeling of being so overwhelmed at work that your well-being, sleep, and energy levels are impacted?  I find that the answer to this issue is to implement a 3-step plan. I follow this plan each year. Step 1: Forget balance, make the right commitments. So…

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85% of Organizations Value Diversity and Inclusion

Recently, I spoke at a conference on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion. More than 80% responded and said that their organizations either value D&I or has made it a priority in 2019. Take a look at some of the answers given by survey respondents below: With so much attention…


TechDay 2018

@FrederickSmith, founder and CEO of @FedEx which has grown into a $62 billion global enterprise spoke along with his Chief Information Officer, @RobertCarter. FedEx is a very large enterprise serving 220 countries. They move about 12 million shipments around the world. Many of them cross borders, interface with customs, authorities…