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85% of Organizations Value Diversity and Inclusion

Recently, I spoke at a conference on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion. More than 80% responded and said that their organizations either value D&I or has made it a priority in 2019. Take a look at some of the answers given by survey respondents below:

With so much attention to creating more diversity among teams and emphasis on making sure that everyone is part of the team and is heard at the table, why is it that so many organizations are struggling to make this initiative work?  Well maybe the answer lies in the answer to the following question:

In order for Diversity and Inclusion plans to really work, the responsibility has to lie in the highest levels of the organization and has to be viewed as integral to the cultures and values of the organization which are lived top-down and bottom-up by everyone.

It’s not breaking news that organizations that are holistically diverse and inclusive achieve greater profits. It makes dollars and sense in every way.  Don’t take my word for it, just Google “profits diversity inclusion”  and you’ll find many interesting articles like this one in Forbes.

In my work with organizations, for-profit and Not-for-profits, the request is usually the same: “We want our teams to mirror the diversity of our clients so we can have better relationships (of course which lead to more business and profits) – How do we make this happen?” My response is usually the same – the answer is simple – the path is knowable – but simple and knowable doesn’t make it easy so if you’re willing to go down the rocky road and weather the storms, you’ll emerge stronger for the journey.

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