Is Tolerance the Same as Diversity?

Recently, I spent 2 weeks in London and I met a wonderful couple from Pakistan.  As we were driving through their neighborhood, they both commented that many of their neighbors are Jewish but it’s fine because they are very “tolerant”. For a moment, I thought this is a good thing…


Resolving Workplace Conflict

Q: What do you call a conflict-free workplace?A: A fairy tale.While it sounds enticing to live in a conflict-free work environment or a conflict-free world for that matter, it is not possible to avoid conflict entirely.  You have to be prepared for some amount of conflicts at some point in…

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Metrics Drive Outcomes

Metrics Drive Outcomes A great company needs a great management team that understand the only way to improve a process is to define who you are, decide where you want to be and then constantly measures the progress in closing the gap. Good metrics should be clearly defined, measurable and…