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2022 is the Year You Arrive!

Trust and Collaboration in Teams

Last week I onboarded a new client. The focus of the engagement is to add leverage to a global deployment gone awry and bring it back on track. Without compromising any confidentiality, I want to talk about some themes that are showing up.Trust and CollaborationThese two words are probably the…


Day 3 – Go Boldly Toward Your Dreams

Day 3 “Man is what he believes.” – Anton Checkov Are you still with me? To recap: So far, we’ve declared our theme word for the year. And, you looked back on 2021 and answered a few questions to capture some lessons learned. Today we’re going to do a little…

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Leadership Performance Coach: By using these principles, we build a coaching approach that is flexible, adaptable, and tailored to the individual, helping you achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively.

85% of Organizations Value Diversity and Inclusion

Recently, I spoke at a conference on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion. More than 80% responded and said that their organizations either value D&I or has made it a priority in 2019. Take a look at some of the answers given by survey respondents below: With so much attention…


Case Study: Emotions Unleashed

In the following scenario, a client (Michael the CEO) learns of a conversation which ensued between one of his partners and a senior manager on the team.  First read through the dialogue and see if you can tell what went awry in the discussion. I'll give you my views after…


Is Tolerance the Same as Diversity?

Recently, I spent 2 weeks in London and I met a wonderful couple from Pakistan.  As we were driving through their neighborhood, they both commented that many of their neighbors are Jewish but it’s fine because they are very “tolerant”. For a moment, I thought this is a good thing…