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Start Planning for Success in 2022

It's more fun working together than going alone

As 2021 unwinds, it’s a good time to pull together your thoughts and plans for 2022. Be part of my tribe of people who love to plan with my Plan-Execute-Measure (P5-E55-M5)  Process. Before I introduce the method which I will do over the coming days and weeks – absolutely free – here are a few helpful words of advice:

  • First, resolve to stop making New Year’s resolutions. They don’t work and we all tend to drop them after a few weeks.
  • Second, discover what works for you by looking back on how you achieved things in the past and finding a formula that works for you.
  • Next, create a reminder system for yourself so that you have a way to measure your progress and stay on schedule.
  • Fourth, take the time to create a compelling vision for your future.  This works whether you have business goals or personal ones.
  • And finally, break down your goals into objectives and tasks that you can schedule in your calendar on an ongoing basis.

In the days ahead, I’m going to walk you through my journey for how I reset each year and how I use my Plan-Execute-Measure (P5-E55-M5)  Process to get more done in the same year that we all have.

Tune in tomorrow as I ask myself the questions that lead to setting the right goals and milestones.

For today, let’s start with picking a theme for your year. in 2021, my theme word was “declutter” and as I close out the year, having this theme really helped me. I donated a closet full of clothes, remodeled my office, and threw away several large black plastic bags filled with unusable stuff I hadn’t even looked at in years. I was amazed when I got to November and realized how much having a theme word helped me manifest a new reality.

For 2022, my theme word is going to be “Intentional.” And every word, action, thought, and plan will move forward with intentionality.

Now it’s your turn. Think about your theme word for the coming year and CLICK HERE TO EMAIL ME YOUR THEME WORD so we can track how the word impacts your year. Do it before January 1st and receive your free career e-book.

Happy planning!